Mobile and Website

Software Development

With our expert team of developers, we take your bag of code and transform it into reality.

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Some Brands We’ve Worked With

We don’t choose our clients, the problem chooses us.

We equip our clients with skilled developers with knowledge and creative Skill

Jumla, Shopify, Wix, WordPress and Umbraco, we have you covered with skills. We build full responsive basic sites such as one-page sites, cv & portfolios to Wedding sites & E-Commerce. Our Code Caddies have seen it all. 

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Over the years we have found ourselves exploring the best possible way to bring apps to our clients. We are happy to say we have found it Flutter Development. 100% Crossplatform development allowing us to build IOS and Android beginning from the foundation up. Code Caddies has your code bag on our backs with confidence.

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Value Add Services

We focus on the bigger picture by providing our clients with a list of value added serivces.

Basic SEO

Search Engine Optimization – It’s importance is extremely high and usually misunderstood.

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Google Analytics

Data Analysis – Making use of Webmaster Tools, we help you understand how your customers are engaging with your brand.

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24/7 Support

No need to worry, when we are away. Our Code Caddies are awaiting to help when needed. 

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We help you grow your traffic

With the benefit of the value-added services, we assist our clients to grow their traffic.

We help you increase your sales

With the benefit of the value-added services, we assist our clients to increase overall sales.


Coffee’s Consumed

Not to mention the coffee machines replaced.


Development Firm

Self pro-claimed maybe, but we got your bag! 



A few of our Code Caddies are Golfers, and the others, well we still aren’t sure either.