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At CodeCaddies, we help businesses turn their digital ideas into reality. Our skilled team of developers has mastered the art of ‘carrying your bag of code’ and producing robust, user-friendly applications tailored to your needs.

Our Expertise:

From eCommerce platforms to portfolio websites, we build it all. With expertise in platforms like Joomla, Shopify, Wix, WordPress, and Umbraco, we deliver websites that are responsive, engaging, and fully optimized for search engines.

We specialize in creating cross-platform applications using Flutter, building apps for both iOS and Android from the ground up. With us, you can be confident that your app idea is in the hands of experts.

Brands We’ve Empowered:

Our wide client portfolio includes businesses from diverse industries,
each presenting unique challenges that we’ve tackled head-on.

Value Add Services

Our commitment to your success doesn’t stop at development. We offer a range of additional services to help your business grow, from SEO optimization to round-the-clock support.

Efficient SEO

Harness the power of SEO to elevate your online presence. We structure your digital content to enhance visibility and ensure you’re found by the right audience.

Insightful Google Analytics

Discover your customers’ online behavior. We provide in-depth Google Analytics reports to offer actionable insights, helping you make informed decisions to drive business growth.

Reliable 24/7 Support

Experience seamless service with our 24/7 support. We’re here to tackle your challenges round the clock, ensuring your business runs smoothly without a hiccup.

Fueling Traffic Growth

At Code Caddies, we’re not just about delivering solutions; we’re about driving results.

Through smart, data-driven strategies, we empower your business to amplify web traffic, attracting the right audience to boost your online presence.

Boosting Sales Performance

Turn clicks into conversions with Code Caddies. Leveraging our expertise in data analysis and digital strategies, we create targeted campaigns that not only attract potential customers but also motivate them to make a purchase. Witness your sales skyrocket as we turn potential leads into loyal customers.


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Skilled golfers and code artists who are always ready to assist you.

Choose CodeCaddies for your software development needs and experience the difference of working with a team that’s truly dedicated to your success.